5 Simple but effective ways to get your ex boyfriend’s attention

So you want your ex boyfriend to pay attention to you, eh?

Maybe you just want to make him feel a little jealous. Maybe you just want to get that elated feeling when you know that he is thinking about you. Wondering about you. Kicking himself for ever letting you get away. Well, you can do that. We’re going to look at 7 simple ways you can get his attention.

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Sound good?


The first way to get your ex boyfriend’s attention:

1. Be genuinely happy.

Happy can be intriguing. It really can. Why? Because it makes him wonder … what’s she so happy about? What’s going on in her life that makes her so cheerful? The trick is to be genuinely happy. Most people can see through it when we try to fake happiness. We can’t always place a finger on the exact reason why … somehow we just know that it’s not real.

So …

How do you actually get to where you are genuinely happy?

Well,  how do people get sad?  They think about things that make them sad.  And they do that over and over.  Or they think about the things they lack in their life.  Like,  maybe their ex boyfriend.

Instead,  focus on what you do have.  Focus on what you can be grateful for.  Every day,  take some time to focus on things that make you happy.  Things that you are really grateful for.

Do this enough?

And you’ll find yourself feeling “naturally” happier.

The second way to get your ex boyfriend’s attention:

2. Work on a passionate worthy goal.

This is actually going to help with the first tip to get his attention. Why? Because when we are working on a worthy goal … something that truly feeds our soul and something we are really passionate about … it makes us genuinely happy. Not only that, it also works to attract attention. Not just from your ex boyfriend, but from everyone who sees you.

How do you find a worthy goal?

What have you always wanted to achieve,  but never really went for?  Or,  what are you really passionate about … that could somehow develop into a goal.  We all have things that we put on the back burner of our lives.  Or things that we would like to try to go after,  but never really do.

This is your time to actually go ahead and do that.

This is your time to actually go and achieve something or express some kind of passion in your life.

Go for it!

The third way to get your ex boyfriend’s attention:

3. Be cool and calm when you see him.

Why do you want to be cool and calm when you see your ex boyfriend? It’s not what he is going to expect. It’s going to play on his mind. He’s going to wonder why you seem to be so cool and calm. And this is really going to play on him if he doesn’t seem to be able to come across as cool or as calm as you are able to.

How do you come across as cool and calm when you see your ex boyfriend?

It’s going to take some self control.  It’s going to take some downplaying the situation in your mind.  You are going to have to look at it with less importance than you might naturally feel.  If you feel like it is really important to appear a certain way to your ex boyfriend?

That’s the opposite of being cool and calm.

It is harder said than done.  So don’t get mad at yourself if you don’t come across as cool and calm as you’d hope to.

The fourth way to get your ex boyfriend’s attention:

4. Be a little bit mysterious.

Don’t be afraid to play coy with him. Especially if you want to get your ex boyfriend thinking of you again. Coy has a funny way of creeping up on a guy. He starts to wonder, what is she up to? And that sows a little seed. The kind of seed that can grow into attraction. Kind of what you want if you are hoping to get back together with your ex boyfriend.

How do you appear a little bit mysterious to your ex boyfriend?

Don’t reveal too much.  Be a little bit withholding on purpose without it seeming that way exactly.  For example,  if you were to run into your ex boyfriend and he asked what you’ve been up to … be a little vague.  Don’t go into too much detail.  He doesn’t have to know everything.

A little mystery can be a good thing.

The fifth way to get your ex boyfriend’s attention:

5. Have a little fun in your life.

People who have fun in their life, no matter who they are, are appealing. Don’t sit around and mope about how you are not with him and how much you want to win him back. It’s okay to feel that way. But there’s no sense in taking the fun out of life too. Go out and do things that are fun. Have a really good time. If it gets back to him, it’s going to get his attention for sure.

How do you have a little fun in your life?

I really hope you know how to do this.  In case not,  write down 5 things that you think would be a lot of fun.  And then … go ahead and do them.  Don’t put off having fun until you get him back or whatever other reason you might have.

Do it now.

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