My ex boyfriend keeps texting me – What does it mean?

There he goes again. You look down at your phone to see who is texting you …

ex boyfriend still texts me all the time
There he goes texting you again … what does it mean?

And it’s your ex boyfriend.

You never expected after your ex boyfriend broke up with you that he’d be texting you again and again.

But that’s exactly what is happening.

And it’s confusing you.

You don’t know what it means.

You don’t know why your ex boyfriend won’t stop texting you.

We’re going to figure this out.

Right now.

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So …

Why would your ex boyfriend keep texting you … and what might it mean?

1. He realizes that the break up should have never happened and he wants you back.

Of course, if you want him back … this is the best possible reason. And it very well might be the case. It’s actually quite common for men to take this approach. Especially if they are unsure of how you feel. It seems easier to “test the waters” by sending you texts and seeing how you respond than it would be to come right out and say it.

Worse, it’s the kind of advice guys give one another. So if he wants you back, one of his friends probably told him that texting you to see how you’d respond was the way to go.

2. He feels “half in” and “half out.”

Break ups can be weird for everyone involved. I probably don’t have to tell you that. It’s not uncommon for a guy to feel like a part of him wants to be back with his ex girlfriend and another part of him wants to see what it’s like to be single.

This isn’t bad news if you’d like him back. It means you still have a chance … it just might take some work and might take some time to make it happen.

3. He’s looking to keep you hanging on … just in case.

This is a situation that you probably won’t want to be a part of. It’s not uncommon for a guy to feel insecure about being single again. And for some guys, it does give them comfort to know they have an ex girlfriend they can get back together with … if being single doesn’t pan out the way they hoped it would.

The problem with this is …

If you do allow him to keep you hanging on while he goes out and gets to do his thing … you are basically training him to think that’s how it’s going to be later on. So if you do get back together with him after letting him keeping you hanging on … it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if he were to test out being single again … without telling you.

4. He’s just lonely and needs someone to talk to.

Guys can get a pretty bad rap when it comes to break ups. As if they don’t have feelings at all. Truth is, most men after a break up end up feeling very lonely. And when they do? That’s when they reach out to an ex girlfriend. So they can kind of take that lonely feeling away.

If this is what your ex boyfriend is doing …

Be careful not to get your hopes up. Most of the time, the loneliness will pass for him and when it does … he’ll be texting someone else.

So …

What should you do if your ex boyfriend is texting you all the time?

1. Decide what you want.

Do you want to get back together with him? Do you want to just move on and leave him in the past? It’s still your choice what happens. Just because he’s texting you doesn’t mean he’s the one in position to decide what happens next.

Figure out what you want first and foremost.

2. Pinpoint what he’s after.

Is he just feeling lonely and needs someone to talk to? Is he looking to keep you hanging on as an option … just in case things don’t play out well for him being single? Is he just half in, half out? Or does he want you back?

You have to look at the situation. No one knows him or your situation better than you do. Only you can tell where his head is at.

3. If you DO want your ex boyfriend back and he’s texting you all the time … use a system that’s proven to work to win him back.

There’s no sense in dragging things out or resorting to “trial and error.” If you know in your heart that he’s the one you want …

And you feel like he feels the same way?

You owe it to yourself to win him back. There are proven methods to make this happen. That are based on male psychology. So you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Final note –

If you have a boyfriend right now and your ex boyfriend is texting you over and over and it is making things complicated …

Don’t answer his texts.

Or if he has a girlfriend and you feel like he might be trying to “cheat” on her and you don’t want that?

Don’t answer his texts.

Block him. Let him know it’s inappropriate. Whatever you have to do to move on for real.

But …

If you do want him back?

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