My boyfriend ended our relationship for no reason – What can I do now?

He ended it.

Did he end the relationship for no reason at all?

You didn’t even see it coming.  If anyone had asked,  you’d have said that you and your boyfriend were doing just fine.

Maybe you even thought things were headed towards a full commitment.  But now,  here you are.  Dealing with a relationship that has come to an end.  And you don’t quite know how to make sense of it all.

So you might be asking yourself …

When a relationship has ended for no reason – What can I do now?

First:  You have to give yourself time to absorb what happened and the loss you feel.

It’s inevitable that you are going to feel a sense of loss.  Probably some confusion.  Like,  what happened?  You might even feel stunned.  Whatever it is that you are feeling right now,  allow it to be that way.

For just a while.

We all have a natural reaction to just want to “make it go away” or not even think about it at all.  But that doesn’t really work too well.  Even if you can forget about it for a short while,  the feelings will come back.

Might as well deal with them now as they are already here.

Second:  Understand that it may not make sense to you.

If he was the one who ended it for what appears to be no reason at all … understand that it may never really make sense to you.  After all,  his ending the relationship has more to do with him than it does you.  And while we can take a guess at what might be the reason?  Truth is,  we may never know for sure.

And that is something that you have to come to terms with.

Ask any woman who’s been where you are right now … and most will tell you that they still don’t know exactly what happened or exactly why the relationship came to an end.  That’s just something that you are going to have to come to terms with.

Third:  Take some “me” time to let yourself heal.

One of the most common and yet also least productive relationship patterns around … is the rebound.  When someone jumps from a relationship that ended into a new one.  Usually,  it doesn’t help.  Usually,  whatever “wounds” are there?  Are still there even while in a rebound relationship.

It’s much better to take some “me” time and allow yourself to heal.

This way,  when you do decide that you want to date again or be in a relationship again,  you feel “whole” and you don’t carry much baggage with you.  You’ll give that new situation a much better chance of actually working out.

And you may also find,  during your “me” time,  that you can have a lot of fun and happiness even if you are not currently in a relationship or dating someone.

Reality is …

You may never know exactly why he wanted to end the relationship.  It might be because of a million and one reasons you’ll never be able to figure out.

It’s often best to just allow yourself to accept that it ended,  accept that you may never know exactly why it ended and give yourself the time to heal so that you can get back out there and have some fun.

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