How do I resist the urge to text my ex boyfriend when it is sooo strong?

You can’t help it.

Woman thinking about texting her ex boyfriend
Feeling like you really want to text your ex boyfriend? Should you?

Every time you look down at your phone, you feel an urge to text him.

He may be your ex boyfriend, but there’s still a connection that seems to draw you in and make you want to communicate with him.

It’s just a simple text … can’t be that big of a deal … can it?

That all depends.

After breaking up, things change.

What once might have been just a simple text can send a very different signal. If you don’t want to send the wrong message, then you have to be very careful about texting your ex boyfriend.

So let’s talk about that urge to text your ex boyfriend and how you can learn to resist it, even if it feels pretty strong.

First …

What is an urge to text your ex boyfriend anyways?

It’s an impulse. And we all know that impulse decisions are not always the best ones to make. Some of the biggest mistakes women make in their lives can be chalked up to impulses. The good thing is, most impulses really only have a short lifespan.

Meaning …

No matter how strong it might feel in the moment? When the moment passes, it’s usually GONE. That’s a good thing.

And that’s what we want to work with first and foremost.

So …

Make a pact with yourself. That no matter how strong the urge is to text your ex boyfriend? You’ll allow some time to pass. To see if the urge dies down. Generally speaking, it’s practically guaranteed that it will.

Second …

When do you get that urge to text your ex boyfriend?

Most of the time, it’s probably when you are feeling either bored or lonely. Those are two of the most common moments when women feel such a strong urge to text an ex boyfriend. The key is to pay attention and become aware of those moments.

And realize that you can change the feeling of being bored or lonely.

Third …

How do you resist the urge to text him?

By keeping yourself busy.

One of the best things that you can do after breaking up with someone, is to remain busy. The more time on your hands you have, the more you are just kind of sitting around and thinking and feeling lonely …

The more you are going to have that urge to text your ex boyfriend.

Make a point of staying busy.

Make a point of not allowing yourself to have too much idle time on your hands.

Finally …

Ask yourself what do you really want?

Do you just want someone to have a conversation with? Or are you really also dealing with the desire to get back together with your ex boyfriend?

If all you need is a conversation … that’s what friends are for.

However …

If you really want your ex boyfriend back and that’s what’s driving that urge to text him …

You may want to come to terms with that.

Luckily …

There is a way to win him back. And that means you won’t have to sit around trying to resist the urge to text him …

Because you will be WITH him.

I can show you how to do that.

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