He Didn’t Call You After You Went Out On a Date – What Happened?

If I had a dime for every time I heard a tale about a woman going out on a date with a guy she kind of liked and he never called her back when he said that he would… I’d have quite the collection of dimes.  The question of “why don’t guys call when they say they will?” has been around for a long time and it seems like it is one of those questions that will never die.  For every guy who actually does pick up the phone when he says that he will,  there will always be a couple of cads who are just lying through their teeth as they mouth those words.

What happens that makes a guy seem like he is having a good time when he is on the date and promise to call again,  and he doesn’t?

I could just say,  your guess is as good as mine,  but I won’t.  There are lots of little reasons why this might occur,  but there are a few that seem to be more common and make up the bulk of the non existent phone calls that men promise that they are going to make.

Let’s take a look at five of those reasons why he did not call:

1)  He really wasn’t having a good time and he was just faking it.

Women aren’t the only ones that can fake it.  Guys can do it too,  though they tend to do it by acting like they are having a great time while they are on the date,  when they really are not.  While it may not be pleasant to entertain the thought that he might not have had a good time being out with you,  it’s better to realize that now and be able to just forget about him as opposed to making up some fantastic excuse for why he couldn’t be bothered to pick up the phone.

2)  He wasn’t really single.

This is another one that you have to at least consider,  though it’s probably not one that you really want to think about.  Yes,  it is possible that he found time to go out with you,  but hasn’t found the time to call because he happens to have another woman in his life.  This is another one of those situations where you can just assume that you are better off,  because outside of a soap opera,  who really wants to be the other woman?

3)  He was looking for a one night stand.

For some guys,  the first date with a woman is all about trying to get her into bed and if that doesn’t happen,  they are just going to move on till they find the woman who will sleep with them after a first date.  I really can’t say what you should do in this situation,  because it is up to you.  However,  this is another scenario where I would say that you are probably better off that he doesn’t call as disappointing as it might be.

4)  He thinks he has to wait a certain number of days till he makes that phone call.

Just about every guy has heard that they have to wait exactly three days and some will even come up with another number of days that they have to wait and they totally believe that it is an absolute MUST.  Well,  if he is going to wait a few days,  don’t let it bother you.  Keep yourself busy and if he calls,  he calls.  If he doesn’t,  oh well.  You could even decide that you will make the call instead of just waiting around for him,  but that is up to You.

5)  He thinks that you really didn’t have a good time and that you were just being polite.

This is really turning the first option I gave around and you know what?  It happens more often than you might assume.  A lot of guys will assume that the woman was just being polite and they are too insecure to call because they are afraid to get brushed off.  This could be one of those times where it would definitely be good if you were to call him up,  just so that he knows that you really did have a good time with him.  Of course,  that’s only if you really did have a good time in the first place.