Drunk texting my ex boyfriend – Was it a mistake? Can I take it back?

It’s way too easy.Did you drunk text your ex boyfriend?

Mix a little bit of alcohol, the urge to text your ex boyfriend … and the fact that your phone is just sitting there. Almost like it is telling you to go ahead and do it.

Next thing you know, you’ve drunk texted your ex boyfriend.

Uh oh!

Was it a mistake to text your ex boyfriend drunk?

Can you take it back?

9 times out of 10 …

It IS a mistake.

But …

The good thing is you often can kind of take it back. Of course, that depends on a few things. Which we are going to explore right now.

Was it an angry drunk text to your ex boyfriend?

An angry one, depending on how angry it came across, can be kind of hard to walk back. But it can be done. If it wasn’t too angry, often an explanation of, “I had too much to drink and I didn’t mean it” can be enough.

However, if it kind of crossed a line – a simple apology might not cut it.

You might have to apologize AND give him a lot of time and space before you contact him again.

Was it a desperate drunk text you sent to your ex boyfriend?

This one can be embarrassing. When you read back what you sent while you were drunk and immediately you see just how desperate it reads.

Unfortunately, there’s no time machine to take it back.

So what are you going to do?

Give him some space. There’s no need for an apology on this one, but giving a little space between you and him is probably a good thing if the text you sent reads back desperate.

Was it an accusatory drunk text you sent to him?

Sometimes, we can get in a “telling him off” kind of mood when we’ve had a little too much to drink. And if you are not careful, you can wind up sending him texts where you are accusing him of things.

Even if you are sure of what you are accusing him of …

It’s never good to send it as a text while you are drunk. This is one of those apologize and give him some space.

So you can cool off and he can too.

Because the natural reaction he would have had would have been to get mad at being accused.

Was it a sexual drunk text you sent to your ex boyfriend?

This happens all too often. And this is one where it can get kind of weird. Once you send something sexual in a text message …

Well, you’ll know his reaction right away.

And it isn’t something you can really apologize for. Or take back.

And this is a good place to segue in the overall lesson that you need to get …

Which is …

DON’T drunk text your ex. Ever.

It’s much better to just NOT do it. If you know you are going to get tipsy … let one of your friends hold onto your phone. Put it away somewhere.

Do anything you can so you DON’T text your ex boyfriend while you are drunk.

Sure, there ARE ways to get around it or kind of “take it back” …

But you’d be MUCH better off just not doing it in the first place.

Sooo many relationship problems these days happen because someone texts someone while they are drunk.

The best cure for that isn’t a cure at all.


As in, just don’t do it.

Can you take it back if you drunk text him?