Attract Your Ideal Relationship – Simple Yet Profound Love and Dating Advice

The idea that you can somehow attract your ideal relationship,  or really your ideal mate and have the kind of relationship that you want with him is probably pretty enticing.  Yet at the same time,  the inner skeptic inside of you might assume that it’s not really practical to think that you can somehow work on attracting a man you like who is just right for you.

You might have had relationships in the past where you feel like you were fooled in the beginning,  thinking that you really had found that ideal mate only to find out later on that he was anything but your soul mate.

Or,  you might just naturally be on the skeptical side when it comes to things that have to do with love and relationships.

This is not going to be one of those articles where I talk about meditating and visualizing your dream lover and try to give you the impression that is all that you have to do to find the right guy.  You are too smart for that and really,  I don’t have time to delve into any of that kind of thing.  Think of this as being a more practical outlook on what you can do to attract your ideal lover.

Let’s have a go at this,  shall we?

1.  You can’t attract your ideal mate if you don’t know what you like in a guy.

I don’t mean what you kind of like or what you can put up with,  I mean think about the qualities that you really admire in a man,  the qualities that you really find alluring.  Putting a little bit of thought into the details of what your ideal mate would be like is going to help you attract the ideal relationship.  Put no thought at all into this,  and you can’t really expect to attract anyone but Joe Average,  the kind of guy who is going to burp at all the wrong times and who is going to think a kiss on the cheek is foreplay.  (There are a million guys like that out there, they can’t all be the one.)

Really put some time in doing this.  Don’t rush through it.  Think of it like being a way to really hone in on exactly what kind of guy would be right for you so you can have a happy and healthy relationship.  If you want,  take out a piece of paper and start writing things down.  Getting this out and in the open can actually be really,  really helpful.

2.  Think about what it is about you that would attract a guy like that.

There are qualities about yourself that you are probably proud of and then there might be some that you don’t really care to admit you have,  but thinking about the ones that you do have that might come across as attractive to a guy who would fit your “type” is a good start if you want to actually have a chance at attracting him.  These are going to be the qualities that you want to enhance and the ones that you want to make sure stand out to him when he does come along.

Make sure that you are being honest.  It can be hard to take a look at yourself and see what it is about you that can be attractive.  And also what might not be so attractive.  It’s not such a bad thing to look at both the positive and negative qualities you have … and figuring out what kind of guy would be a good match for you for real.

3.  Make a stand and tell yourself that you won’t put up with Mr. Mediocre,  you are waiting until you find the right guy.

A good friend of mine found herself in a very precarious position a few years ago.  She was in a relationship with a guy who was totally wrong for her and she kind of knew it deep down,  but for whatever reason,  she stayed with him a little bit too long.  During that time she was with him,  she met a guy through work who was pretty much everything that she was looking for.

The problem was,  since she had decided to bunk up with Mr. Mediocre,  she was unavailable and the guy she really liked wasn’t the kind of guy who was going to try and break up a relationship.  So,  it became one of those situations where she was just screwed and you know what?  She had done it to herself because she had decided to lower her standards and when the right guy came around –  she couldn’t do a thing about it.

Don’t do that to yourself.

4.  Go out and see if you can find him.

Unless you totally believe in the idea that you can visualize the right guy into existence and he will come knocking at your door,  you have to try to go out and find him.  Sometimes he will come to you,  but there are plenty of instance where a woman has run into her ideal mate at a party,  at a social gathering,  or even just being out doing errands and somehow she just happens to run into him.  Point is,  you probably are not going to meet your soul mate sitting at home and if you don’t go out and try to find him,  how can you end up having your ideal relationship?

There’s something to be said about being open enough to go out and actually think you can meet him.  You don’t want to be someone who has “given up” completely on the idea that you can attract your ideal relationship.

And that means that you have to take some action and see if you can find him.