6 Tips for Women Who Want to Get Over A Broken Heart

So,  things apparently did not work out between you and the guy you were dating and now,  you are left feeling like you have a broken heart that you desperately want to mend.  This can be a difficult time in any woman’s life,  and it is important that you are able to find a healthy way to get over this break up,  or else you might end up with long term issues that will prevent you from being able to have a healthy and happy relationship with someone else later on.

It’s not easy to get over a broken heart.

You might find that you feel like you are over it one day only to realize that the next day you go right back to feeling the way that you did before.  Time does help to heal any wounds that you might have,  but time alone is not going to do the trick in all cases.  Sometimes you have to do a little bit of guiding yourself into a place where you can look back and see that you truly are over your heartbreak.

Here are 6 tips that should help you if you want to be able to get over a broken heart:

1)  Loneliness will only make you feel worse right now,  so call up some of your friends and have a “girls night out” just for the sake of having some fun.

Trying to get over a guy you have broken up with is not going to be easy if you are allowing yourself to feel really lonely without him.  It might seem comforting to stay at home,  listening to sad love songs or reading a good book by yourself,  but too much of that can just end up dragging you down.  Calling up some of your friends to have a girls night out may help you take your mind off of how you are feeling and put you in a different state of emotions.  It’s always good to get out and have some fun with your friends,  especially when you are feeling like your heart has been broken.

2)  Keeping in contact with the guy you broke up with may not be a good idea.

It always sounds nice to hear that a couple that has broken up has decided to stay in touch and remain friends.  However,  that doesn’t always help you out if you are trying to get over someone.  You might like the idea of remaining in close contact with the guy you were dating,  but that might prove to make it harder for you to get over him.  Even if you do want to remain friends with him,  it’s not such a bad idea to take some time out from having any kind of friendship with him until you really feel like you are okay with the break up.

3)  Focusing on your work or school can be good as long as you don’t overdo it.

Some women will try to replace that guy who broke their heart with another one right away and that is not always the best choice that you can make.  Sometimes just taking a little bit of a “timeout” from dating can be good for the soul and redirecting some of that energy and attention on your work or your schooling can be a good thing.  Of course,  you don’t want to put so much energy and attention on work and school that it becomes all you do or all you think about.

4)  Taking a vacation if you have the money can also help you take your mind off of him.

Staying in the same place can sometimes make it harder to get over someone.  You walk by the bar where you first met him or you run into mutual friends and get reminded of the fact that you are no longer together and that can instantly make you feel sad.  Getting away from it all if you have the option may make things easier.  It is kind of hard to feel sad and broken hearted when you are on a beach somewhere with the crashing waves soothing you as you drift off.

5)  Casually meeting other people can also be a big help.

I’d caution you from trying to jump into a new relationship right away,  but just going out to meet some new people can be good for you right now.  Yes,  that includes meeting new guys.  As long as you keep things casual until you really are over your broken heart,  that should be a good thing.  You might even find that you end up running into someone who totally takes your mind off your ex boyfriend and makes you wonder why you were with him in the first place.

6)  Winning him back might also be an option that you want to explore if you know for sure that he is the one you want to be with.

Part of the reason why you might be feeling like you are broken hearted over your ex boyfriend is because you really do feel like he is right for you.  That may very well be the case.  If that is the conclusion that you have come up with,  then what might really help is to focus yourself on trying to win him back.  It’s usually a lot easier to do than you think it is and it will usually take you from feeling sad to feeling very hopeful almost instantly.  Of course, this only really applies if you know that he is right and that the break up was a mistake that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.