5 Reasons why your boyfriend might be acting distant

The moment you start to get the feeling that your boyfriend is acting distant,  it is going to make you feel a little bit worried.  Especially if you really care about him and you hope to never lose him.  There are numerous reasons why he might be acting that way.  Some of those reasons may warrant a little bit of worry on your part and some may not.  It’s good to understand why he might be acting that way,  though,  regardless of whether or not there is any reason to get worried about his behavior.

You don’t want to end up losing him and then realizing that all the signs were there that he was growing distant from you,  but for some reason you just didn’t seem to want to notice what was going on.  Hindsight might be 20/20,  but it really isn’t going to make you feel any better if he is gone before you realize that he was giving hints that things might not be as good as you thought they were.

Here are 5 possible reasons why your boyfriend might be acting distant:

1)  He is facing pressures at work,  and his normal reaction is to close off.

Some guys just do this as a way of coping with whatever is stressing them.  If he is facing stresses at work or in other areas of his life,  he may start to act distant from you.  In this instance it may not mean that he is looking at leaving you,  but it may mean that he needs some support from you.  Giving him that support when he is feeling stressed could be a good way for you to strengthen your relationship with him.

Also,  getting him to open up about his pressures at work can be a very good thing.  It can help to both strengthen and stabilize your relationship with him.  When your boyfriend feels like you can be the “relief” he gets when he gets away from the job …

He is going to want to spend more time with you.

2)  He just needs more time to himself right now.

Sometimes guys just need to have their alone time and that doesn’t mean that they are going to leave you.  It’s just the way that they are wired.  He may not be facing any issues or stresses,  he may just like to have some alone time.  This is another situation where you probably won’t have to worry about the relationship coming to an end.

Guys don’t always come right out and tell their girlfriend that they need some time to themselves.  And even if they do … we don’t always listen to them.  You have to realize that this is pretty normal for guys.

3)  The newness of the relationship is starting to wear off in his mind.

Both men and women like to spend all of their time with someone new.  When that relationship is no longer brand new and some of that freshness has worn off,  you can lose some of that desire to want to spend all of your time with the person you are dating.  This is a good sign that you might need to do something to liven things up a bit.  You don’t want to risk things growing dull and boring in his mind,  because if it does go that way,  then you might have something to worry about.

So what can you do?

Do something that you know is going to surprise him (in a very good way).  Surprise can be a good thing.  As long as it is something you know is going to come across in a very good way,  don’t be afraid to surprise him.

4)  He is seeing someone else.

Yes, this is a reality that you might have to face if it seems like his mind is somewhere else even when he is with you.  Before you assume that this is the case,  you may want to see if you can dig up some evidence to support your hunch that he might be cheating on you.  Of course,  if you do find out that he is cheating on you,  then you might have some bigger questions that need to be asked.

Questions like,  is it time to let him go and find someone else?

Many times,  a woman will totally know that something is up.  But she refuses to deal with the reality of the situation because she doesn’t want it to be true.  However,  if it is true?  The sooner you realize this is what is going on … the sooner you can deal with it.  That might mean ending the relationship and while that might not be the answer you want to hear … it might be the answer that you need to hear.

5)  He wants to spend more time with friends.

When a guy would rather be with his friends than the woman he is dating,  that is some cause for concern.  Let me clarify something,  though.  You don’t want to get all bent out of shape if he wants to spend time with his friends once or twice a week.

However,  if he is growing so distant that he seems to want to spend all of his time with his friends and none with you –  then you may be getting a sign that he is ready to leave the relationship unless something changes.

This would be a good time to figure out what you need to do to pull him back to you before it is too late.

The good thing is,  there are techniques that are going to work in order to help you pull him back and make him want you and only you again.

There are attraction techniques that you can use to fix any situation you might be in with your boyfriend.

What techniques will help you to pull back your boyfriend if he is acting distant and you are worried about him drifting away from you?

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